The Dupps Company Sustainable Innovation Model

Sustainable Solutions
• Superior products, solutions and services for recycling, natural resources management, rapidly renewable crops and other sustainable industries.
• Plant operations that focus on energy efficiency and resource conservation.
• Energy-efficient processes that add value to sustainable products.
• Developing and producing clean, renewable fuel sources.
• Maximizing yield and quality of processed feedstock materials.

Economic Vitality
• Building profitable solutions that maximize our customers' return on investment.
• Pioneering new sustainability technologies.
• Seeking new renewable resource, recycling and sustainability market opportunities.
• Value for all stakeholders: company, employees, customers, supplier partners and community.
• Greater stakeholder loyalty.
• Attracting and retaining valued employees.

Social Responsibility
• Expanding employment & increasingly diverse job opportunities.
• Healthier, safer work environment.
• Building better community quality of life through support programs and outreach.
• Adding sustainable ingredients to a wide range of end products.
• Supporting rendering and other industries that reduce carbon footprints and promote a cleaner environment.
• Safer, more nutritious ingredients for healthier, more productive animal foods.