Evaporator Systems

Thermsavor™ Systems  Finely ground fluidized raw material cooks under vacuum in a double-effect evaporator system, using your steam twice. You'll get reduced steam cost, as well as lower temperature operation to ensure quality.
Raw material—finely ground and fluidized with recycled fat—is the feed stream for this double-effect evaporator system which cooks the material under vacuum before fat/solids separation. Using waste heat improves steam efficiency over conventional single cooker continuous systems. Third effect options are available.

Retrofit Evaporator Systems  Waste heat vapors from a continuous cooker are used to remove water from raw material under vacuum for increased throughput and steam efficiency. The system employs a Preheator, Drainor and Prepressor to provide the evaporator's feed stream. Evaporator discharge joins solids from the Prepressor in a Supercookor for finish cooking.

Dupps Grease Systems remove water from restaurant grease using live steam or waste heat from a cooker. Dry grease from the evaporator is fed to a decanter-type centrifuge for solids removal, and is then ready for storage. State-of-the-art controls help maintain superior product quality.

Overview of common evaporator types