Rendering System Process Controls

The Dupps ICIS® Automated Process Control System fully monitors and controls temperature, product level, weight, speed, pressure, flow rate, and motor load. Using a Programmable Logic Controller, ICIS (Integrated Control and Information System) provides information on virtually every operating parameter that affects quality, throughput and efficiency.
  •  ICIS also gathers real-time data for monitoring the process and stores it for later management analysis.
  •  The operator interface consists of a desk and pre-programmed, simple-to-use personal computers with animated process graphics.
Display data on personal computers at the plant or at remote sites, and even connect directly to Dupps engineers. Download Process Controls brochure.

Dupps Hard-Wired Relay Controls feature push-buttons, relays, interlocks, timers and load meters. PID controllers can be added to monitor and manage cooker temperature, raw material feed rate, cooker level, vapor pressure, cooked material discharge rate and steam flow.

The Dupps Motor Control Center is used on both hard-wired and ICIS controls. Compliant with National Electric Code (NEC) and inspected and approved by Underwriters Laboratories, its enclosure features NEMA 12 construction with conduit raceway and a lockable master door system. All motor circuit breakers, starters, VFDs and soft starts are also NEMA rated; control wiring is segregated from power wiring for short circuit protection.