EnviroDry™ Airless Drying

Innovative EnviroDry airless drying technology utilizes superheated steam — evaporated from the product — at atmospheric pressure as the drying medium instead of conventional hot air. The system doesn't require boiler steam, and combustion gases are isolated from the drying loop.

With Dupps EnviroDry airless drying there is no visible exhaust plume. The dryer's minimal exhaust — less than ½ of 1% ACFM of a conventional drum dryer — is essentially water vapor.

Minimal odor control equipment is needed.
 Exhaust volume is much less than comparable heated air dryers, so even if an RTO is required, it will be considerably smaller and less expensive.

An EnviroDry system's excess heat energy can be recovered for use elsewhere in your plant.

Heat-sensitive protein is protected. There's no oxidation and no scorching — you get greater product quality and consistency.

Safety is improved. There is minimal risk of in-drum fires because of the oxygen-starved environment.

EnviroDry airless drying technology is available in rotary drum and ring dryer configurations.

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EnviroDry airless drying technology as featured in Process Heating magazine