Careers at Dupps

The Dupps Company is not only the world's largest manufacturer of equipment used to recycle animal by-products, it is a great place to work.

A respected and trusted industry leader, Dupps has been in business since 1935. The company designs, manufactures and markets nearly all of its high quality equipment from its headquarters and plant in Germantown, Ohio. Our customer base is throughout North America, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. At this modern facility, we have career opportunities for:

• Accounting, Sales, Logistics, Engineering, Management and Administrative Support.

• Welders, Fabricators, Machinists, Warehouse Personnel, and other manufacturing positions.

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Current job opportunities as of 2/18/20: No job openings at this time. Please check back.

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  • James Rousey
  • Lisa Hartman
  • George Nichols
  • Sean Stratton
  • Nathan Wells
  • Nick Miller

James Rousey remembers once telling his wife, "If I ever get an offer from the Dupps Company I'll take it!" Today, James works as a grinder operator in the Dupps Light Fabrication Shop, and he couldn't be happier. "We're proud of what we do here — everything is top of the line. I used to work for other companies, and they would just walk away when the machinery looked finished. At Dupps, nothing leaves until it's truly right; there is a lot of quality control." Thank you James, for your hard-working spirit and dedication!

Lisa Hartman has been a valued employee for over 15 years, and was recently promoted to her latest position in the sales department. Throughout her time at Dupps, Lisa has appreciated the professional atmosphere and opportunities for career growth, "I've always received lots of support from everyone at Dupps, from my co-workers to everyone in the Dupps 'family'. Especially as I'm learning my new job in sales, everyone has been very helpful."

George Nichols has been an employee at Dupps for nearly 40 years, and has been a fixture in the Dupps machine and fabrication shops the whole time. Like everyone at Dupps, George takes pride in what the company makes, referring to each new piece of equipment that goes out the door as ‘the Cadillac of rendering machines.’ Today, as Shop Superintendent, George takes pride in the whole Dupps manufacturing team, ““I make sure all the guys are taken care of; I’ve known them their whole lives and I care about them deeply. It’s part of what has kept me here for 40 years.”  

As a Communications Technician, Sean Stratton helps make sure that a lot of the ‘tech’ at Dupps is always up and running — computers, software, phones, and so much more. In addition, Sean explores new ways to integrate the latest that technology has to offer into the Dupps workflow. Sean appreciates the freedom he has to put his ideas to work, “If I have a new proposal, people listen. If my idea works, it’s put into practice and I’m recognized for it. That just doesn’t happen at a lot of other companies; here you are heard.”

Nathan Wells is a supervisor in our Code Department; this means that he oversees key parts of our manufacturing operation, making sure people and workflow are in sync. Nathan has been at Dupps for over 11 years, and when asked about what he most appreciates about his job, he focuses on two things, “The people I work with are so reliable and will do anything for you. And as a company we strive for quality; the quality of the equipment we build is number one.” We have Nathan to thank for his vital role in achieving that quality, by helping keep our manufacturing team productive and safe!

Nick Miller appreciates the opportunities for career growth at Dupps and has certainly taken advantage of them — after beginning in the warehouse at Dupps, and mastering every job in that department, he has advanced to Shipping Coordinator. Nick credits Dupps for it’s policy of rewarding initiative and good work, “I’m basically in charge of myself, no one stands over my shoulder all the time, so I am free to learn and grow.” Nick describes the environment at Dupps, like many others here, as being very close-knit, “It’s like a family, and that’s just how everyone treats customers and fellow employees — like family.”