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New evaporator
rendering plant
one of North
America's largest.
New HCPR Shaft
for Pressor®
presses lowers fat
residuals in rendering
Rendering machinery and equipment  Dupps offers the protein recycling industry the world’s most complete line of rendering systems—as well as unsurpassed expertise in creating better ways to recycle red meat, poultry and fish by-products into profitable meals and fats.

Service  ‘Dupps won’t let you down’ is the promise we make to every customer. With the world’s largest and most experienced team of rendering system field technicians, we can service process equipment at the customer’s location or our own facilities.

Special process applications  Dupps capability reaches a wide range of process applications, including systems design specifically for oil seed extraction, process drying, food waste depackaging, pulp & paper dewatering, distiller’s dried grain reclamation and more.

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New Dupps evaporator plant one of North America's largest.
When West Coast Reduction, Ltd made the decision to build a brand new rendering plant for non-SRM beef products at their Alberta Processing Division location in Calgary, one operating criterion took precedence: the new facility had to be energy efficient.

The solution: an evaporator system that takes advantage of recycled waste heat from other plant systems to dramatically reduce natural gas consumption. It's one of the largest and most advanced evaporator plants for rendering ever built, with a raw material capacity of up to 65,000 lbs. per hour.

The new Dupps hybrid HCPR™ (High Compression Press Release) screw shaft for Pressor® high-pressure screw presses can extract more fat by dramatically lowering residuals in most rendered products.

The patent-pending HCPR design combines high compression with a release/re-compression feature. By compressing material twice, the HCPR releases more residual fat. In the same way that squeezing a household sponge twice releases more moisture, the HCPR shaft can release more fats by eliminating voids in the feed as it travels through the press.

Combined with precision-cut barrel bars, the HCPR shaft can provide up to 25% lower residual fat in pressed crax for most rendered products. Which means that depending upon Pressor capacity, the HCPR shaft can deliver up to 110 lbs. more fat per hour. Download brochure

Oil Seed Processing
The Dupps Pressor® Oil Seed Screw Press gets more dollars out of what you put in.

Process Drying
Drying solutions include the new Dupps Airless dryer, the exclusive QuadPass™ four-zone rotary drum dryer, the proven Dupps Ring Dryer and more.

Fish Protein Recycling
Dupps is emerging as a leader in the design, construction, installation and service of advanced fishmeal processing systems.

Dupps Green Technologies
The Dupps Food Waste Depackaging System separates organic from non-organic materials.

Pulp & Paper Dewatering
Many of today's leading pulp and paper mills use Dupps screw presses to dewater sludge.

Special Process Applications
Systems and equipment purpose-engineered for a wide range of process applications.