Welcome to Dupps

For eighty years, the Dupps Company has been the worldwide leader in providing high-quality rendering equipment and service to the animal byproducts and protein recycling industry.

Today, we’re expanding our role — applying our capability and experience to include process systems and service to additional industries that are key to the sustainability of our environment and our world.

Industries we serve

The Dupps Company designs, manufactures and services process systems and equipment for many of today’s most vital recycling and renewables industries, including

Animal Byproducts Recycling •  Oil Seed
 •  Fish Protein Recycling
Food Waste Depackaging  •  Process Drying
Pulp & Paper Dewatering
Special Process Applications

News Center

Recycling waste shingles
Dupps subsidiary converts
waste roof shingles into
Harmonite™, a substitute for
liquid asphalt.

New ‘evaporator’ rendering plant  
West Coast Reduction’s new rendering plant in Calgary recycles waste heat to save energy.

High performance screw press shaft
The new HCPR shaft for Dupps Pressor® screw presses lowers fat residuals in nearly all rendering operations.