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Fishmeal Processing Systems

Dupps Fishmeal Processing Systems are available as complete, turnkey installations including cooker, solids/liquids separation, evaporation and drying equipment, and control systems specifically engineered for fishmeal process requirements. Individual system components are also available to improve the performance of existing installations.

Click here for an overview of Dupps Fishmeal Processing capability.

The Dupps Fish Cookor™ features state-of-the-art engineering and unsurpassed performance in a cooker built specifically for fish processing. See more

The Single Screw Fish Press provides the performance of a twin screw press with single screw efficiency and economy. See more

Dupps EnviroDry Airless Drying  This innovative solution virtually eliminates visible exhaust plume, requires only minimal odor control, protects heat-sensitive proteins from oxidation and scorching, and much more. Click Here
A recent study has shown that using superheated steam as the drying medium — like Envirodry — has a much higher rate of pathogen inactivation than typical hot air dryers. See study

See how innovative EnviroDry airless drying technology works — click here to request access to a 3-D animated demonstration!

Discor™ Dryer  With up to 6,000 square feet of transfer surface, the large-capacity Dupps Discor gives you more drying capacity per square foot of floor space. See more

New Dupps solid bowl decanters and disc-style vertical centrifuges offer unsurpassed performance, dependability and uptime. See more

Engineering and Manufacturing — Dupps engineering experts, with years of experience in the fishmeal processing field, include world renowned authorities on fishmeal plant engineering design and development. Combined with 85 years of leadership in the design and manufacture of protein co-products processing systems — and worldwide installation and service — Dupps fishmeal plants and equipment offer unsurpassed capability to provide efficient, profitable and sustainable solutions.

Your system begins with thorough consultations with our staff of experienced applications engineers, who work with you to develop cost effective ways to maximize your fishmeal processing operation. Our product development and engineering team translate your needs into specific plans for everything from turnkey rendering plants to individual pieces of equipment designed to improve your current system.

For more information, or to discuss your fishmeal process application, please contact Ray Jobe at or (937) 855-0538.

Discor's rotary disc 'closed-loop' steam system prevents condensate and non-condensable gas build-up in the discs for more efficient heat transfer. Discor also features extra corrosion allowance, and fewer exposed welds, on the discs for longer life. Discor's durable drive features a heavy duty, shaft-mounted gearbox with v-belt motor connection. Download Discor brochure.