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Making Renewal Work

The Dupps Company designs, manufactures and services process systems and equipment for many of today's most vital recycling and renewables industries.

The Dupps Sustainability Innovation Model

A worldwide leader in protein recycling systems and service
From its founding, Dupps has focused on renewable resources, starting with the Original Recyclers — those rendering companies around the world that recycle millions of tons of animal byproducts every year. Dupps offers a comprehensive range of protein co-products rendering equipment, and service, including complete continuous systems configured for red meat, poultry and fishmeal processing.

Serving those who renew, recycle and sustain
We continue to grow our capabilities, expanding our products and service to include Oil Seed Processing  •  Process Drying  •  Food Waste Depackaging  •  Pulp & Paper Dewatering  •  Special Process Applications

Family owned for over 80 years

The Dupps family includes all the dedicated and hard working employees whose labor, loyalty and pride have made our company the best in the business. All of us at Dupps firmly believe in the same philosophy that the company has stood for since it was founded: putting the customer first, offering the best value possible.

Community Responsibility and Stewardship — Empowering better quality of life for all through community support and outreach.