Material Handling Systems

Dupps screw conveyors, raw material bin and metering bin systems are custom designed for your specific application in a wide range of material gauges, this equipment features a heavy-duty drive system designed to withstand the stresses of rendering operations.

They feature a worm gear rather than shaft mounted reducer for longer life and less maintenance. You’ll also get heavy-duty bearings and drive shafts, plus gear guards designed for easy access and maximum protection.  Material Handling brochure.

The Dupps "Lamella" Pump moves up to 2,000 cubic feet of viscous raw material per hour. Impeller vanes rotating in an eccentric “cam” motion offers high pumping capacity in a compact size.

A remarkably high pumping capacity is possible thanks to its unique rotating impeller vane design. Compact size and multiple configuration options make it easy to adapt to both new and existing systems, while easy maintenance provides simple, fast access to all wear components. Its variable frequency electric motor features precise flow rate control and an auto-reverse feature to help clear any blockages.  Dupps Lamella Pump brochure.