Material Handling Systems

Dupps screw conveyors, raw material bin and metering bin systems are custom designed for your specific application in a wide range of material gauges, this equipment features a heavy-duty drive system designed to withstand the stresses of rendering operations.

They feature a worm gear rather than shaft mounted reducer for longer life and less maintenance. You’ll also get heavy-duty bearings and drive shafts, plus gear guards designed for easy access and maximum protection.  Material Handling brochure.

The Dupps Lamella Pump offers maximum versatility — it’s ideally suited for all kinds of raw material from viscous to ‘boney’. It’s remarkable performance over a wide range of materials is possible thanks to its rugged impeller vane design and eccentric ‘cam’ motion.

The new H Model Lamella Pump is a drop-in replacement in many existing installations, so you can choose a genuine Dupps Lamella Pump to fit every system configuration. Dupps maintains a complete inventory of H Model parts — they’re direct replacements for the key components on many units already installed in the industry. Dupps Lamella Pump brochure.

See what makes the Dupps Lamellla Pump so versatile — click here to request access to a 3-D animated demonstration!

The Dupps Drainor®
provides a simple, effective method of continuously removing free flowing oil from cooked material prior to pressing.

See how the Dupps Drainor separates oil from cooked material — click here to request access to a 3-D animated demonstration!